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Since 1997 a group of independent auditors has implemented audit activities in general audit, conducted consultations on accounting and taxation, was engaged in the restoration and maintenance of accounting organizations.

Each one had its own team of auditors aimed at the professional performance of the work. Since 2008 this group of auditors, consisting of 11 members, decided to combine their efforts in the market of audit and accounting.

The result was the emergence of a new company - TERRAFINANCE, combining the best auditors, tax consultants, professional accountants. At present time, the company consists of: PhD in Economics, certified tax consultants, professional accountants, teachers who are ready to assist you in conducting the audit, accounting, accounting recovery. We are ready to answer all your questions related to accounting and taxation. Articles our experts publish leading specialized publishing office. Our staff regularly conduct training courses and seminars on issues of taxation, where everything new is brought in legislation related to the scope of professional activities, are teach financial discipline. All members of our organization have the necessary approvals and certificates. The company is licensed to perform audits, as well as a license to perform work as a state secret.

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